Friday, 9 November 2012

Reading routine tag!

I LOVE reading/watching these tags, so I figured although I haven't been "tagged" by anybody, I'd give it a go anyway.

Question one:

When do you read?

Whenever I can, I would love to sit and read all day, but alas, Work must be done and money earned. If I absolutely cannot fit reading into any other part of my day, I will ALWAYS read before I turn off my light and go to bed, I 100% cannot sleep unless I've read for a little while.

Question two:

Where do you read?

Mainly in/on my bed, I do have a rather beautiful vintage chair in my bedroom, but in the autumn time I don't really get enough light there. If I'm reading before bed I like to snuggle down under my duvet and read until I fall asleep.

Question three:

How many books do you read at once?

One. I have tried to read two books alongside each other in the past and I just can't get on board with it. Once I step into one world in a book I like to stay there until I'm finished. I don't like to spread my attention across two worlds.

 Question four:

Do you take breaks while reading?

I do. I think this is mainly because I'm a smoker (tut!) but I also sometimes need to take half an hour to absorb what's going on if there's a real HOLY CRAP! moment. I also take short breaks being finishing one book and starting another because I like to reflect over what I've just read (and get over the sadness that always comes with finishing an amazing book.)

Question five:

Do you skim through books?

I don't, even if the part I'm reading is really pants! I just can't do it, I envy those who can. I know if I did skim, I'd miss a really important piece of the storyline and get lost!

Question six:

How long does it take you to finish a book?

It depends on how much I'm working and the size of the book etc. but I'd say on average 2-3 days, the longest it's ever taken me to read a book was 5 and it was a beast at 1,000 pages!

I tag anybody who would like to do this tag and please do leave yours in the comments!
If anybody knows the creator of the tag please do share as I feel bad using somebody's awesome tag and not being able to credit them.

Do you break spines or keep your books pristine?


Thursday, 8 November 2012

An introduction :)

Hello all, thank you for stopping by!

This will be the awkward first introductory post!

My name's Cazzy, I'm 20 and I live in glorious Cornwall in the UK.
 I've spent many an evening looking through my favorite book blogs (links to follow) and I have finally gotten up the courage to grab me a piece of that pie! 

This little space will be for book reviews and hauls (and maybe the odd other treat, too!)

I also wanted to create this little space to communicate with the other bookies out there.

I've already got a few blog post ideas jotted down, so expect to hear from me very soon :)

Thank you for reading and if this sounds like the sort of thing you'd like to read please follow (is that the right term for the blogging world?) so we can stay in touch and feel free to leave a comment, (your favorite book perhaps?) so we can have a little chat. :)